A Private Fitness Cruise Through The Caribbean?

The world’s ultimate fitness cruise exists to celebrate our community’s work hard, play hard attitude. Get in gear for 2019 with some of the fittest athletes on earth. Did we mention that nobody parties like we do? Guess we just did!


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Ron Ortiz

Get to know Ron Ortiz.

Not until his mid- 40’s, in 2009, did Ron Ortiz first begin CrossFit. Two years later he began competing. 

Fast forward, Ortiz is now a five-time Games Master Athlete.  He has taken 1st Overall in 2013 (Master’s Men 45-49) and in 2016 (Master’s Men 50-54).  As one of the most consistent and impressive master male athletes in the world, Ron has also been a firefighter for the Deerfield Beach Fire Department (FL) since 1999. 

He’s been married to his wife Sherri for 24 years, and together they have two sons and one daughter.

Home State- Arizona

Competition Records 

2018- Finished 3rd (Men’s 50-54)
2017- Finished 6th (Men 50-54)
2016- Finished 1st (Master’s Men 50-54)
2015- Finished 7th (Master’s Men 45-49)
2014- Finished 5th (Master’s Men 45-49)
2013- Finished 1st (Master’s Men 45-49)
2012- Finished 11th (Master’s Men 45-49)

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